The Village

A New Access System is has been installed in The Village (Section 4) that will now list the residents of this gated community. New security cameras have been installed at the Gessner and the Windfern Gate to capture vehicles entering and leaving the facility.  Our gates and access panels have been damaged on several occasions and now we will have the ability to capture this on video.

Windfern Entry is now a Resident Only access gate.  Residents may access the Windfern entry with their sticker or card depending on the option you have selected. Click here to contact property manager for your new remotes.

The Gessner entrance will be utilized by residents, guest and deliveries.  If you have a delivery or guest they will punch the code next to your name listed in the directory and it will ring the phone you have designated for WWL to connect to the gate code. The resident will punch the number 9 on their phone and the gate will open providing access.
 Access Methods: for Residents are the following:

Free: Entry with  access code assigned to you ( multiple codes may be assigned , kids, nurses, daycare,etc )
Free: Entry with your Harris County Toll Tag Number that was submitted on the form.
Fee:  Gate Access Card or Gate Access Car Tag  (may be purchased and forms have been mailed)

The following form contains more information  and the options for you to be able to access this community.

Village Gate Access Data Form

New Gate Access system for the Village of Woodwind Lakes. All residents of The Village will receive a notice in the mail and a form to complete such as this one online. The form below will capture the data that will be used to create the database of the residents who physically reside in our community and therefore should have access into this gated community. Please take a moment to complete the following form below. Upon completion of the application, residents have 2 options to access entry into The Village gated community. OPTION 1: Residents may use the newly issued access code specific to their residence to access the community (No Fee). OPTION 2: Residents may use their Harris County EZTAG number to access the community (No Fee). This option requires you to enter your number in the space below for each vehicle being registered. Please mark the following Resident Vehicles accordingly. Residents may request an access code for nannies, home care services, cleaning services, or any other services that that may come to your home on a daily basis. You may request as many as you need and they will be connected to your home address for the purpose of tracking who comes into our community.