The Woodwind Lakes Committees

The committees in Woodwind Lakes are responsible for planning activities for residents and for maintaining the appearance and standards of the neighborhood. If you have any questions or want to find out how you can become involved, please contact the appropriate committee.

The Homeowners Association Board of Directors

The Woodwind Lakes Homeowners Association Board is made up of 5 directors elected at the annual homeowners meeting held in October.  Each director is elected to serve a two-year term and is charged with the duties outlined in the Amended By-Laws of Association of Woodwind Lakes Homeowners, Inc. Deed Restrictions (Article VII, Section 1) that is provided to every homeowner who purchases a home in our community. The board oversees all the architectural requests, capitol projects, budget, and works with Sterling Association Management Company and the Grounds Committee on the overall maintenance of the common properties.

The 5 member board oversee the needs of the 631 households and common areas in the WWL community.  Although the directors are elected,  it is a non-paid voluntary position and requires commitment and time. The HOA Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month starting at 5:30PM at the Windfern Forest Utility District building (14400 Mauna Loa at Gessner).  All residents are welcome to attend these meetings and meet the board members.  We are here to address the issues of our community and want to hear your concerns.

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee oversees the "Common Areas" which include the maintenance of the landscape common grounds, three lakes, walking paths, mailbox areas and cul de sacs. This very important committee is made up of residents who volunteer their time to ensure our naturally wooded community continues to be a welcome place for its residents.  We believe it adds to our property values and our quality of life.

What we do:
1) Give recommendations to the HOA Board on common areas that need repair such as broken sprinklers, dead plants, out of place pavers and trees limbs that have fallen on the walking paths.
2) Make recommendations for new beautification projects within the boundaries of our community.
3) Plan new flower beds and add trees that bloom to add color to various areas.
4) We judge the Yard of the Month Award to deserving private yards in our community.
5) Maintain the doggie poop bags on the trails at the lakes.
6) Assist the HOA Board with outdoor surveys for various community projects.

What we don't do:
1) We do not do any physical labor for projects in the community. Some members do volunteer to do certain small landscape projects.
2)  We do not issue citations for deed restriction violations. That is done by our management company, Sterling Management.
We just enjoy the outdoors and like seeing our community look the best possible. The meetings are held at the Windfern MUD Building at Gessner at Mauna Loa.
We meet every month on the second Tuesday at 7:00 PM for an hour or so. 

Please help us keep out community clean and pristine, by picking up around your street area.

A reminder that trash including grass clippings should be put out the evening before trash days.  We have many critters living around the lake and we do not want your trash being found in the common areas.

If you have ideas about beautification in our common areas, then the grounds committee would love to hear from you.

Grounds Committee Members

Ann Tatum
Jay Michaels
Joycelyn Spears
Lee & Ruth Edwards
Linda Merigold
Lynn Collins
Nancy Dawson
Ray Pavia
Ryan Patterson
Terry Buckner
Wilfred Krenek​
Darlene Guidry

Security Committee


The Security Committee seeks to assist the HOA Board and the Homeowners to enhance collective security in our community.

Security Committee Members
Wilfred Krenek –
Bob Magee –


Neighborhood Watch Program

1) We need volunteers to serve as Street Captains to report any suspicious activity and keep others alert of any possible issues. Please contact any one of the committee members listed above to volunteer.

2) We encourage everyone to have a Woodwind Lakes  Sticker on their rear window of their cars so we can identify the vehicle as a WWL resident. Please contact Sterling or one of the security committee members to get your car stickers.  The correct sticker placement is the on the top left side of the rear window.

False Alarm Fee Changes

On January 8, 2013, Commissioners Court approved revisions in the Harris County Alarm Regulations.  As a result the following will occur:

The number of free false alarm calls for a site with a CURRENT, VALID PERMIT has been reduced from five (5) to three (3).  This now means that locations with a valid permit will start being billed on their 4th False Alarm instead of their 6th False Alarm. 

Alarm sites WITHOUT A VALID PERMIT will continue to be invoiced for every false alarm incident that occurs while the site is without a permit. The false alarm charge remains at $75 per alarm incident.

The permit form can be found at Harris County Alarm Detail
 Click here.


Families of Woodwind Lakes Committee

The Families of WWL organizes functions in our community for the children of Woodwind Lakes. Some of the activities include the Easter Egg Hunt, Food Truck Events by the family pool during the Summer, the 4th of July Parade/Picnic and the National Neighborhood Night Out Celebration.


Dana Patterson
Olivia Riha
Erica Kortright
Kim Flaviani
Yocasta Evans



Safety Tips from the Constables Office for Summer 2016

Always  remember to lock your house and vehicles when you’re not around them. 

Do  not leave valuable items in your car such laptops, phones and wallets.

Avoid  parking your vehicles on the street or driveway, these are easy targets for  theft and vandalism.

Report  any and all suspicious activity – 281-376-3472

The  kids needs to know that the citizens of the community will call the police when  suspicious activity is going on.
Drive slower the kids are out playing and may run out  into the street.

Make  a complete stop at all community stop signs. Children may be out playing in the  street.

Parents:    An active child in summer programs is a child less likely to get into any mischief.  

Call Dispatch - 281-376-3472