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Have an Architectural Guidelines question? Ask Aunt Rosie. Aunt Rosie, at times, is very opinionated.  In all cases however, the governing documents of the Association must be observed.  If you would like your question answered by Aunt Rosie, please communicate with Graham Management Company who will pass it along. 

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Full text of Woodwind Lakes' Architectural Guidelines

Please click here  for the full text of architectural guidelines for the community.

The Architecture Committee reviews all submissions made to Graham Management for any additions, remodel, or replacements made to all WWL homes and grounds.  Please complete the application (listed on the right of this page) and provide as much information as possible to expedite the approval process.  We ask all homeowners to adhere to the process of approval before any work begins to ensure compliance and therefore avoiding any fines.  You are welcome to email Graham or any of the Board of Directors if further clarification is needed. A form to contact the ACC about Architectural Control questions or concerns can be found below, after the Frequently Asked Questions section.

As a reminder In accordance with the governing documents of your Association, all exterior improvements and/or changes from the original construction must be submitted for and approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC). Failure to receive approval for the improvement and/or change may result in you having to remove, alter or change the improvement in order to comply with the rules and regulations of the Association, and/or a fine. Please note the Association's Fine Policy.

Please complete the application below in its entirety and return to Graham Management via email or facsimile. Click here for the Property Manager's contact information.

Frequently Asked Architectural Questions  (FAQ)

This is a quick list of the most frequently asked questions from our residents. Please complete the online request to receive approval from the Architectural committee. Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines for a complete list of all guidelines.

Height - The height of new fences on a lot must be six-foot, six-inches (6’, 6”) composed of a six-inch (6”) rot board and six-foot (6’) pickets.  Section 4 homeowners who live on the perimeter of the community whose yard backs up to a main street, Philippine, Gessner, Mauna Loa, or Windfern, must replace fence segments facing the street with an eight-foot (8’) fence made up of a twelve-inch (12”) rot board and seven-foot (7’) pickets.  Homeowners who border or back up to community property or other communities must replace their back or side fence segment with an eight-foot (8’) fence made up of a twelve-inch (12”) rot board and seven-foot (7’) pickets. Fences located on lots which make the perimeter of Woodwind Lakes (which may include brick and/or stone fences) must be attached to existing perimeter wall.

Color and Materials
Wooden Fences - All wooden fences shall be constructed using No.2 or better Western Red Cedar pickets.  The pickets may be left unstained or stained with either Behr #DP533 Cedar Natural Tone, Behr wood finish #501 Cedar Natural Tone, or Olympic #716 Cedar Natural Tone. Wooden fence pickets must conform to the surrounding/connecting fences, e.g., treated pine may be used for fence structural frame and rot boards, but not for pickets.

All roof vents and jacks must be painted to match the shingles. For any shingle, not on the approved list you must submit a 12”x 12” actual sample shingle representative of the entire roof.  Contact Graham Management on where to drop off the shingle sample. Approval must be secured before the work may begin. 

Sections 1, 2 or 3 roofs shall be covered with high definition asphalt or composition shingles equal to or better than:

  • GAF/Timberline Natural Shadows or HD in Weathered Wood
  • Certain Teed Landmark in Weathered Wood,
  • Owens-Corning Duration in Driftwood,
  • Tamko Classic Heritage in Weathered Wood, or
  • Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Weathered Shadow or Weathered Wood. 

Sections 4 roofs shall be covered with asphalt or composition shingles equal to or better than:

  • GAF Royal Sovereign in Weathered Gray, 
  • Certain Teed XT 25 in Weathered Wood,
  • Owens-Corning Supreme AR in Weathered Wood,
  • Tamko Elite Glass Shield in Weathered Wood, or
  • Any listed for Sections 1, 2, or 3. 

Paint, Trim and Siding  
All colors selected from the Paint Chart (click here for the paint color chart) will be approved. Other colors must be submitted on an application with a paint chip.

MISCELLANEOUS for all Sections 
Trim soffit, fascia board, shutters and window and door trim must also be an earth tone color; however, the shades of trim color shall accent the principal color of the dwelling. All garage doors, including metal, shall be painted the same color as the principal dwelling. No alternating colors (checkerboard) shall be allowed under any circumstances.

Materials of siding and trim for all sections Siding and trim must be replaced/repaired or added with materials approved by the ACC. Acceptable materials are: wood siding or Hardi-Plank siding, as has always been the case. No plastic; metal or vinyl siding is allowed under any circumstances. Siding must. have a wood grain texture and not be flat. Widths, thicknesses, materials and styles must be harmonious with the surrounding houses in the neighborhood.







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