Woodwind Lakes

-Dear Residents: We all live in a community where consideration of neighbors and guests are recognized. However, we would like to remind our residents that vehicles should not be consistently parking in the streets. We can expect high traffic during times such as holidays, weekends and private events being hosted at your home.

There has been an occurrence where an emergency vehicle was blocked. After some strong efforts, the owner of the vehicle was located. It is likely that the owner of the vehicle, the resident being visited, and the community as a whole will have significant liability if this continues to be an issue.

Emergency vehicles need a 20-foot-wide access road. If vehicles park across from each other an emergency vehicle cannot pass and we will not meet the 20-foot requirement.  Accordingly, there can be no parking:

·    within 30 feet of curves and 15 feet either side of fire hydrants
·    directly opposite from another car on a street and within 3 car lengths (to allow an emergency vehicle adequate room to pass between)

We appreciate your time and attentiveness to this matter. 

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