Community News and Updates

Community Mailboxes
The Woodwind Lakes community mailboxes are set up in PODS throughout the community.  Each resident is assigned a mailbox clearly marked with a number and a set of 2 keys.  When a new resident moves into the community they have the choice of  keeping the current lock and keys or having a new lock and a new set of keys. This must be arranged with the US Post Office directly.

Mailboxes belong to the Post Office call (713-937-9108) to report any mail box issues.


​Car Decals
As a reminder, the Association of Woodwind Lakes has car decal stickers to help homeowners, along with the Constable's Department, distinguish which cars entering and exiting the neighborhood actually belong in Woodwind Lakes. Stickers are not a requirement.

Please click here to contact the property manager if you need a new or replacement car decal.

Should you ever notice any suspicious activity or suspicious vehicles around the neighborhood, please do not hesitate to contact the Constable's Department at 281-376-3472.

​​​​Did You Know? Having well-maintained sidewalks is generally viewed as an important characteristic of a neighborhood.

  • Uneven sections may be dangerous and cause people to trip and get injured. This has been reported by several residents.
  • Uneven sections may be dangerous and cause people to trip and get injured. (Tripping on uneven panels, including injuries, has been reported by several residents.)
  • There are a number of sidewalk panels in Sections 1, 2, and 3 (Section 4 has no sidewalks) that are in need of leveling to avoid being trip hazards.
  • Sidewalk panels that have sunken also represent a hazard if mud accumulates and becomes a slip hazard.
  • Maintenance of sidewalks is the property owner's responsibility.
  • Hazardous sidewalks are subject to a fine for a deed restrictions violation.

Let’s keep our sidewalks looking their best while maintaining a safe environment for the many folks who enjoy walking around our beautiful neighborhood.



Any improvement outside the house must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before construction begins. You can obtain an application online on our website or click here to contact property management company.  Failure to get approval will result in a fine. All fines are listed on our website. 

You should get a response regarding your application within 2 weeks. If you receive no response 
click here to contact property management company.

If the ACC denies your application you may appeal to the HOA Board by presenting your case at a monthly meeting.

Please protect your investment by following all deed restrictions. If you see any construction being done please 
click here to contact property management company.  The property management company will verify an improvement application was completed and approved.

Trees in our community are essential to the beauty and character of our community. We realize that from time to time a tree will need to be removed due to disease, lightning strikes, etc. creating structural damage to your home and other reasons as well. Before removing a tree you must get approval from the Architectural Control Committee. You can obtain an application  by
clicking here.