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Did you know that sidewalk maintenance is the responsibilty of the property owner? Please see the details to the left.

Halloween Decorating Contest

Want to have some neighborhood fun? This year Woodwind Lakes is having a Halloween Decorating Contest. Gather your family and transform your house/yard into a celebration of Halloween. 2 Prizes Will be awarded for “Daylight Fright” (for houses whose decor is visible in the daylight), 2 prizes awarded for “Fright at Night” (for houses who really come to life after dark), and 2 prizes awarded for “Family Friendly” (for less scary efforts.) You’ll need to be ready for judging by Monday, October 21. Judging will occur between Monday 21- Thursday 24. Winners will be announced Friday, October 25 so all residents can check out the frightfully fantastic designs. No need to register or sign up and no pressure to participate. Small prizes awarded but BIG fun can be had by ALL! We hope you enjoy participating or viewing this fun October competition. If you have questions contact Dana Patterson at

Paying dues online

You all will be receiving your account statements over the next two days if you have not received them already.  Please note that for your convenience, you can pay your dues online. To do so, please visit, click on pay dues online, then select your community.  You will need your account number that is located on your statement.

Our team is here to assist you.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Graham Management at 713.334.8000.

Graham Management

​Sinkhole repairs in Section 4

Please be advised that the sinkhole in Section 4 will be repaired in the upcoming weeks, weather permitting.  Thanks to the many residents that attended the WFUD meetings, as it made a big impact.  The WFUD has agreed to reimburse WWL for half the cost of the repairs as well as working together to establish an easement agreement for WWL residents.  The WWL Board looks forward to getting this long overdue project completed soon.

Windfern Forest Utility District Meeting “WFUD” – Section 4 Residents
The Woodwind Lakes Board would like to request your presence at the next WFUD monthly board meeting, as the large sink hole by the lake will be discussed.  The board has been trying to work with the WFUD Board to get a quick resolution on fixing the sinkhole but the WFUD has put off discussions with the Woodwind Lakes Board to date.  WFUD owns the property and not only is the sinkhole an eyesore but a safety issue.  We would appreciate your support if you could attend and be vocal about the situation with WFUD and their lack of cooperation in repairing this safety hazard. Click here for more details.

Windfern Forest Utility District Meeting
14410 Mauna Loa Lane, 4:00 pm, Houston, TX 77040
Tuesday, January 16th


Mailboxes belong to the Post Office call (713-937-9108) to report any mail box issues.

Did You Know? Sidewalk Maintenance

  • Having well maintained sidewalks is generally viewed as an important characteristic of a neighborhood.
  • Uneven sections may be dangerous and cause people to trip and get injured. (Tripping on uneven panels, including injuries, has been reported by several residents.)
  • There are a number of sidewalk panels in Sections 1, 2, and 3 (Section 4 has no sidewalks) that are in need of leveling to avoid being trip hazards.
  • Sidewalk panels that have sunken also represent a hazard if mud accumulates and becomes a slip hazard.
  • Maintenance of sidewalks is the property owner's responsibility.
  • Hazardous sidewalks are subject to a fine for a deed restrictions violation.

Let’s keep our sidewalks looking their best while maintaining a safe environment for the many folks who enjoy walking around our beautiful neighborhood.


Harris County MUD 261 Garbage Collection Services Guidelines

Pleaseclick here for information regarding trash collection days, bulk trash collection and recycling information.

Woodwind Lakes Newsletter

The Woodwind Lakes Newsletter is currently published and mailed monthly to all residents. You now have the opportunity to GO GREEN by reading the WWL Newsletter online or by downloading the PDF format below.  Please complete the form below if you wish to continue to receive the WWL Newsletter via US Mail.

Please submit all questions, articles and community events to Graham Management at:


Any improvement outside the house must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before construction begins. You can obtain an application on line on our website  or you can contact Graham Management.  Failure to get approval will result in a fine. All fines are listed on our website. 

You should get a response regarding your application within 2 weeks. If you get no response contact Graham Management.

If the ACC denies your application you may appeal to the HOA Board by presenting your case at a monthly meeting.

Please protect your investment by following all deed restrictions. If you see any construction being done please contact Graham Management. Graham Management will verify an improvement application was completed and approved.

Trees in our community are essential to the beauty and character of our community. We realize that from time to time a tree will need to be removed due to disease, lightning strikes, etc. creating structural damage to your home and other reasons as well. Before removing a tree you must get approval from the Architectural Control Committee. You can obtain an application  by
clicking here  or you can contact Graham Management.