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6/18/21: Trident pools has advised this morning following another incident on the 2nd shift that caused the Family pool to close without advance notice, that they may not be able to provide lifeguard coverage today and possibly this weekend. As it will be more challenging for management to communicate changes over the weekend, I wanted to advise you of the possibility as soon as possible.  The Board and Trident pools are currently working to research and work with the County to reclassify the pool as a “Swim at your own risk” pool so that we will not be forced to close the pool due to the inability to staff the lifeguards. We will continue to keep you updated as new information on this process becomes available, and I would roughly estimate that it could take 1-2 weeks to communicate, install signage or other required items for the reclassification and complete permitting/inspection processes. Please note that the management contact for your community will be changing and you can contact management directly by email at or by phone Monday through Friday at 713-334-8000. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding through these unprecedented circumstances.

If you do not already have a Woodwind Lakes Car sticker please contact Graham Management at and request the car sticker.  This will help identify those residents that park in the streets to use the amenities and help keep those not entitled to the amenities out.  

​​-Food truck Wednesday: Every Wednesday during the Summer months, food trucks will be booked from 5-8pm. 

-June 10: Board of Directors meeting

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