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11/17-Woodwind Lakes Section 4 Homeowners

Please be advised that Taylor Security has made the repairs to the Gessner entrance, therefore all measures of entry should be functioning normally. If you experience any issues or further delays, please let me know. Thanks, Robin Gard, Community Manager


​It has come to our attention that there is some confusion about what is and is not to be approved when it comes to modifications on your property.  If your intentions are to make any type of improvement to the exterior of your home, an ACC Application must be submitted for approval prior to any commencement. The only exception would be for flower bed color changes.

Your DCCR’s require your Association’s approval before one makes any physical changes to the outside of his/her property.  The ACC Guidelines provide explicit specifications regarding any proposed improvements to a homeowner’s Lot, and although it may seem bothersome or even unnecessary to submit for these changes, these Guidelines assist in keeping the community uniform and orderly to assist in maintaining property values.

An ACC Committee is established and is responsible for reviewing plans, overseeing these modifications or additions so that they are in alignment with the Guidelines. The committee also helps the Board members by ensuring that all homes within the community are following the Guidelines stated in the governing documents.

Should you have any questions or concerns about improvement you are considering for your own home, please feel free to contact Graham Management at (713) 334-8000 where the ACC Department will be happy to assist you.

11/2- Trail Committee Volunteers Needed
          In order to keep the trails looking their best and avoid items that can be overlooked, the Board requests your assistance. The Association is in need of at least (2) volunteers for each lake to walk each of the (3) lakes. These volunteers would be responsible for walking the trails and reporting to the Board any issues or items they feel are in need of assessment in accordance with the current providers, such as potential fountain and irrigation issues, dead trees and/or low-lying limbs.

          If you are Interested in being involved in such a committee, please email Robin Gard, Community Manager at with your name, phone number and address to be added to those that want to serve.

          We appreciate your efforts for assistance in maintaining our trails.​​

We heard from some residents that expressed concerns that Krysty Kling’s position expired last year and should have been re-elected at the 2021 annual meeting. We have looked back at the history and determined that Krysty should have been re-elected in 2021. Graham management made the error and we apologize for the issue this caused. After consulting with the association’s attorney, they have advised that the best thing to do is to declare the position vacant and appoint candidate with next highest vote count from October election, Chad Overton.

Woodwind Lakes 2022 Annual Meeting Election Results
Jeff Krahn received (76) votes
Daniel Kallus received (106) votes
Chad Overton received (58) votes
John Oyen received (37) votes

​​​Please be advised a report has been made to Graham Management of the irrigation issues at Lakes 1 and 2. As the MUD installed new sod in this area, Texscape has the irrigation system programmed to run at a rate that will allow the sod to thrive.  It should be back to normal within the next week or so.  The rotors that cover this area were noted as spraying over the walking trail which will also be addressed by the landscapers.  We appreciate your patience while these items are addressed.

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