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Posted 10/4- Hello Friends and Neighbors! It's time for us to plan the Annual Christmas On the Lake Silent Auction.

We had many generous donations from the neighborhood last year. Thank you very much! This is the perfect chance to re-gift that expensive item your sibling/friend/spouse gave you but you will never use! We're again asking neighbors if they have new items they would like to donate. All auction money raised goes to offset the cost of this fun event and goes back into the Woodwind Lakes HOA budget.  

Please contact Merrell Greene (713) 472-9120 or Jim Horn (214) 448-8735 for pickup or drop off.

Welcome To Our Community!

Posted 10/23- Click here for a MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD.

Posted 11/16- Hello neighbors, 

The Board has recently become aware that Ezee Fiber is running fiber optic cable through our area. Several of us have taken a look and were appalled at the extent that things were torn up.  

That is the bad news. The good news is they are making a major push, which we hope will keep the construction period shorter. 

Ezee Fiber is well within their rights to do what they are doing in the utility rights of way. They were not required to inform us and they did not. They should be responsible for any damage they do and we suggest testing any services they might interfere with as soon as they have finished on your property. 

If you have any questions or would like to express unhappiness about the lack of notice, please call Ezee Fiber directly at (346) 644-3788.  

Thanks for your understanding and let's hope for a swift and minimally disruptive construction period. 

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