Everyone is REQUIRED to show their  current Amenity Access Card for entry to the pool. Please sign-in at the lifeguard table. We hope you enjoy your visit and let us know if there are any issues or recommendations. 

Shawn - Trident Aquatics Supervisor (832) 359-1989.

Steven - Trident Aquatics Director of Operations. 

(832) 671-2880.

Thank you. Woodwind Lakes HOA and Trident Aquatics.


Pool Schedule - 2021

​Please click here for the 2021 pool schedule. Please note: that the on-going corona virus containment measures may affect the intended opening dates. Management will provide announcement of any delays/changes to this schedule going forward.

Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations
Swimming Pool Rules and Regulations The following rules and regulations have been devised by Trident Aquatics and approved by WWL Board of Directors to ensure the safety and comfort of all residents and their guests. Pool Management and Staff have been authorized to enforce these regulations and to make on-the-spot decisions with regards to the safe and sanitary operation of the pool. The Pool Manager (or his/her designee) may and will suspend pool privileges for violations of these regulations, member or guest.

Amenity Access Card 

Please remember to bring your CURRENT AMENITY ACCESS CARD on every visit. Most of the lifeguards are on rotation, meaning the same lifeguards are not here all the time. The policy is for them to require an AMENITY ACCESS CARD to allow someone in to the pool area. They do not know the residents nor are they required to know the street names in the community so an ID means nothing to them. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause a resident, but this is to keep non-residents from entering our pool. The lifeguards are simply doing their job by following policy. If you need an access form, please click here.

Pool Rules
1) All residents and guests will be expected to behave themselves in accordance with the facility rules. Anyone disobeying rules, ignoring lifeguard instruction, or endangering the safety of other people will be asked to leave the facility. If an unwanted resident or guest refuses to leave the facility, the police will be notified. Repeated violations will result in the revocation of swimming pool privileges.
2) The Pool is for use by WWL residents in good standing with the association and their non-resident guests only. Each Family is allowed two non-resident guests. Guests must be accompanied by a resident who is 18 years of age or older.
3) Everyone must sign in and present proper pool identification tags when they enter the facility.
4) Lifeguards have the final say while enforcing facility rules. Those not obeying Lifeguard direction will be asked to leave.
5) No one 12 and under will be allowed in the poll area unless they are accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult who is 18 years of age or older.
6) Any child in the wading pool must be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.
7) Proper swim attire is always required for use of the pool. Absolutely no cutoffs are allowed. Children in diapers must have suitable swim wear as well.
8) No glass containers or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area. Food is prohibited within four feet of the pool.
9) Smoking is not allowed inside the facility.
10) Public decency and respect for fellow swimmers is required always. Loud music, fowl or abusive language, or public displays of affection will not be permitted.
11) No running, dunking, pushing, shoving, or any other form of horseplay is allowed.
12) Tubes and flotation devices will be allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty.
13) Ten minute breaks will be taken each hour to ensure the safety of all swimmers.
14) No skate boards, roller blades, skates, or bikes are allowed in the pool area.
15) No pets are allowed inside of the facility other than pre-approved service or support animals.
16) Everyone is responsible for placing their own trash in the provided garbage cans.
17) Other rules are posted in the area and must be obeyed.
18) These rules apply to all residents and guests without exception.