Harris County Constable Precinct 4 24-hour non-emergency contact (281) 376-3472

While it is always the intent to irrigate the common grounds during the evening and early morning (9:00 PM to 5:00 AM) there will be situations such as new plantings, new sod or extremely dry and hot weather when the irrigation will continue past 5:00 AM.

The timing will be managed by the landscape company (Greater Houston Landscape).  Any questions or issues you have with the irrigation must be handled with Graham Management. Please do not contact the HOA Board Members or any vendor directly to discuss an issue on the common grounds.

Please contact Graham Management to report any irrigation issues.

The “common grounds” are either owned by Woodwind Lakes HOA or Harris County MUD 261. These areas are not to be tampered with without prior approval from the HOA.

None of the following procedures are allowed. Failure to comply with policy will result in a citation and/or a fine as deemed by the ACC and/or the HOA.

  1. Do not cut down any trees, tree limbs, shrubs or alter any of the planting areas.
  2. Do not place any personal furniture or items outside your fenced personal property.
  3. Structures of any sort (erected by adults and/or children) are strictly prohibited.

Graham Management Contact Information
Click here for the Property Manager's contact information.

Thank you to all the residents that have informed us of issues using the “Ask the Board” link located on our website www.woodwindlakeshoa.com. Please report any and all issues you see on our common grounds  directly to Graham Management or by using the “Ask the Board” link on our website.

Please report issues such as the following:
1. Broken sprinkler heads
2. Dead shrubs/trees
3. Dry flower beds
4. Over-flowing trash cans at dog-park or anywhere on common grounds
5. Waterfalls or lake fountains not operating properly
6. Excessive trash

Please report all issues directly to Graham Management, do not report these issues to the HOA Board members, Grounds Committee or any other resident.

Graham Management Contact Information
Phone: 713-334-8000   - Fax: 713-334-5055   - Email: graham@grahammanagementhouston.com
To collect dead animals from the streets or off to the side of roads please Dial 311, there is an option for them to pick up dead animals.

Trident Aquatics  713-482-7372 http://www.tridentaquatics.com/

Services for Woodwind Lakes Section 1, 2 & 3

Water Service - Tops (281) 807-9500

Garbage Service - Waste Management Customer Service (713) 686-6666 

MUD BOARD # 261 www.HCMUD261.com   President Brady Whitaker (713) 333-6411

Services for The Village of Woodwind Lakes Section 4

Water Services - Tops 281-807-9500

Garbage Services - Royal Disposal & Recycle  P.O. Box 160 Fulshear, Texas 77441  (713) 526-1536

MUD District - Windfern Forest Utility District www.wfud.org  (713) 983-3604

Center Point (Street Light Outage) http://cnp.centerpointenergy.com/outage (713) 207 -2222

Call  before you DIG.  1-800-344-8377

Gas Centerpoint Energy  www.centerpointenergy.com  (800) 427-7142

Windfern Forest Utility Building    (713) 371-1400   www.wfud.org

Texas Wildlife Rehab Coalition – If you find any wildlife that needs a shelter due to injury or loss of family.
10801 Hammerly Blvd #200 Houston, TX 77043.  (713) 468-8972

Houston SPCA – Cat and Dog shelter and adoption. Animal protection organization.

900 Portway Dr. Houston, TX 77024.  (713) 869-7722.

​DEAD ANIMALS - To collect dead animals from the streets or off to the side of roads please Dial 311,there is an option for them to pick up dead animals.

Hazardous Household Waste - 6900 Hahl Road (290 & N. Gessner) Houston 77040.  281-560-6200
Program Manager: Cheryl Burton-Fentress. Open to Public for Collections:
Every Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Every 2nd Saturday of the month: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Every 4th Saturday of the month: Click on the Collection Calendar below for location and time

Harris County Precinct 4 - Lyons Maintenance Facility
11920 TC Jester Blvd. Houston, TX. 77067 
Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m.
In addition to processing requests for maintenance, CAD maintains current records and information on many services and agencies within Harris County and Precinct 4. After hours, weekends, or holidays, please contact the Harris County operator at (713) 755-5000 to report road hazards, such as blinking traffic lights, missing manhole covers or storm drain grates, missing stop signs, potholes, broken cement curbs and etc. Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. To 5 p.m.

Vacation Watch

Did you know that you can request a Vacation Watch and Extra Patrol from the Constables Patrol Division?  How great is that knowing that you will have some security while you are out of town on vacation? 

Visit https://www.constablepct4.com/vacation-watch-request.html  to register. 

Please report all crime related activity to the constables office.  Please contact 911 for emergencies.   24 hour non-emergency number is 281-376-3472.


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