CPR Class Open To All Residents of Woodwind Lakes
The Woodwind Lakes Women's Club is happy to announce that they are the sponsors of a CPR class open to all residents of Woodwind Lakes.  The class will be held on February 20th at the MUD Building located on corner of Gessner and Monoa Loa 6 to 8 p.m.

We ask that you arrive a little early to get set up so that we can start on time.  Mike Patterson with Greater Houston Landscaping will be teaching the class. The class is free to all residents.  No certification certificates will be provided. Children 12 years of age and older are welcome to attend.

 If you are planning to attend please email anntatum9203@gmail.com, or cindy.d.horn@gmail.com. so we can plan accordingly.

 Hope to see you there on February 20th.

Self Defense Class 

The Woodwind Lakes Women's Club is pleased to announce that they are sponsoring a Self-Defense class on March 20.   The class will be presented by Robert Webre, owner of Silverback Self Defense, and his team.

What will I learn?
The class focuses on awareness of surroundings, how to avoid dangerous situations, what type of action to take if you need to protect yourself, and how to aggressively defend yourself against an attacker using hands-on training.  It introduces basic self-defense techniques and how to escape the most common grabs, holds and chokes.

How Do I Sign Up?
Silverback Self Defense requires all participants to pre-register online, so that they can provide the right number of instructors.  Please click the link below to pre-register:

Woodwind Lakes March 20 Self Defense Class Pre-Registration
The online registration process generates a confirmation email from Robert Webre which includes a link to an event ticket.  Please print this ticket and bring it to the class. 

How Much Does It Cost?
The fee for this class is $25 per participant.  Payment via credit card or PayPal is collected during the online registration process.  The online registration process generates an email from PayPal with your receipt, regardless of payment method. 

Who May Attend?
The Self Defense class is open to all residents of Woodwind Lakes.  Children 12 years of age and older are welcome to attend.  Participants under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

When and Where?
Our class location is the Windfern Forest MUD Building, 14410 Mauna Loa Lane, at the corner of Gessner Road and Mauna Loa Lane.  The class will be held on Wednesday, March 20th, from 6 to 8 pm.   Please arrive on time. 

Email Ann Tatum at anntatum9203@gmail.com or Cindy Horn at cindy.d.horn@gmail.com.

Alerts and What's Happening Now

Improvements to the outside of your home

Any improvement outside the house must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee before construction begins. You can obtain an application on line on our website (click here) or you can contact Graham Management.  Failure to get approval will result in a fine. All fines are listed on our website. 

You should get a response regarding your application within 2 weeks. If you get no response contact Graham Management.

If the ACC denies your application you may appeal to the HOA Board by presenting your case at a monthly meeting.

Please protect your investment by following all deed restrictions. If you see any construction being done please contact Graham Management. Graham Management will verify an improvement application was completed and approved.

Trees in our community are essential to the beauty and character of our community. We realize that from time to time a tree will need to be removed due to disease, lightning strikes, etc. creating structural damage to your home and other reasons as well. Before removing a tree you must get approval from the Architectural Control Committee. You can obtain an application on this website under the FORMS heading or contact Graham Management.